Black Bear Brooklyn

We buy vintage and designer clothing!  We love sourcing our inventory from the community.  If your clothing meets the following criteria, bring it on down for some sweet cash. 

For Vintage Clothing:

We look for pieces that have current fashion relevancy and are 1) At least 20 years old 2) Are free of odors, tears or stains. 

For Modern Clothing:

We look for pieces that are not mass market.  We cannot buy clothing from Old Navy, Target or H&M.  We buy smaller brands, independent designers, and designer clothing.  

The Details:

We pay 25%-30% of retail value in cash depending on seasonality or give 50% in store credit applicable to non-handmade items.  

We will come to you!  If you have a large quantity of items and would prefer for us to come to you, that can be arranged.  Call or E-mail for an appointment.  

(718) 768-0250